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Kylie has always been obsessed with lipsticks. First she used to use it to make her lips look bigger – that was before she got her lips done. Then she found she could not even go out without using lipstick and then when people realized what lipstick she was using, the shade would be sold out. It was then she realized that she was influencing the market and so she decided to start making her own lipstick. The entire process fascinated her and that way she could ensure that her fans were getting the quality and the shades they were entitled to.Most of her fans would do anything to get free Kylie lipkits and due to that, she started sweepstakes. The latest was in March where 3 of her fans got all 7 free kylie lipkits. This however was meant for only those who had VIP access. The winners of these sweepstakes were informed via email.

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Most would want to know how or why is it that her lipkits are sold out within minutes of hitting the stores. This has a lot to do with getting what they feel is the signature Kylie look. Infact, even before she started out her lipkits and Lipstick collections, if she used a certain brand and certain shade of lipstick, it would be sold out in stores all over. That gave her the idea of starting her own lipstick line, as she was always obsessed with her lips and lipsticks.

Most of her fans wait patiently and anxiously as to when she is going to add to the lipKit line. She has launches three shades of brown matte and they were inspired by the 90s. That brings to total of mat hues to 8. There are 3 glossy lipsticks and there are 3 matte metallic ranges. She however has no intention of limiting her collection to just those shades. She is always inventing and reinventing.